A Blast From The Bubble Past—It’s the 2000 IPO Mania Time All Over Again


Being old—like north of 60—doesn’t come with many advantages. However, in the investment game it does have at least one: being “mature” enough to remember past financial and business cycles. In the case of this geezer, I have recently been having repeated flashbacks of the fateful year of our Lord, 2000.Accordingly, in this month’s latest installment of “Bubble 3.0” I’m harking back to Bubble 1.0, the infamous tech boom that ended in one of the most punishing value destructions of all-time. One could even credibly assert, as I have in the past, that it was the long-ago tech bubble of the late 1990s that set off the chain of events which led to Bubble 2.0 and, if I’m right, our present bout of rank speculation.