Bubble Insanity Like Never Before: CYNK Corp Has No Revenue, No Products, No Assets, One Employee—-And $4B Market Cap!

  1. Update 2: CYNK closed up 150%, at an all time high of $14.70, a market cap well over $4 billion. Clearly there is much untapped upside left for the company with no assets or revenues.

    Update: Stock is now $14/share, implying a market cap for the revenue/asset-free compah of over $4 billion. This means it has a market cap higher than Dynegy, Federal Mogul, JetBlue or Buffalo Wild Wings.

    Just 2 days ago we highlighted the best example of the exuberance awash the markets currently – CYNK Technology Corp, the social media development company that had a market capitalization in excess of $1 billion, which according to official filings,  had one employee, no website, no revenue, no product, and no assets. Fast forward 2 days – and some 57,000 shares traded (about 0.02% of its total shares outstanding) at around $10 and CYNK now has a market cap approaching $3 billion (and still no revenue, no product, and no assets)… Lord Overstone said it best. “No warning can save people determined to grow suddenly rich.”

    CYNK is up 80% today… on 57,379 shares traded

    Think we are exaggerating, here is the company’s own description from its 10-K (yes mysteriously it does actually have public filings):

    we have not yet commenced our full scale business operations and we have not yet realized any revenues.

    We have minimal operating history upon which an evaluation of our future prospects can be made. Based upon current plans, we expect to incur operating losses in future periods as we incurred significant expenses associated with the initial startup of our business. Further, we cannot guarantee that we will be successful in realizing revenues or in achieving or sustaining positive cash flow at any time in the future. Any such failure could result in the possible closure of our busiess or force us to seek additional capital through loans or additional sales of our equity securities to continue business operations.

    And its most recent “assets” from its Sept 30 10-Q. Alas, the 10-K filing was delayed…

    And its “income statement”