Cameron Resigns: Good Riddance To A Fool, Coward And Pawn

In the wake of a stunning (but well deserved) vote in favor of the UK telling the EU to “go to hell” prime minister David Cameron has resigned.

Is this good news? If so, for whom?

Let me be among those to say “good riddance”. Cameron was a fool, a coward, and a pawn of the EU all along.

That said, his resignation is not all good news.

Cameron will leave Brexit negotiations to others. Those others may be even less supporting of Brexit than he was.

Puff the Magic Cameron

Earlier today I asked Key Brexit Question: Is Cameron the Biggest Liar in History?

We do not get to find out. In typical Cameron cowardice, he slinked off to his cave instead of vowing to carry on the wishes of the clear majority of British voters.


The truth is out on what most of us knew all along.

Cameron is like Puff. He has slinked off to his cave.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock