Don’t Worry, Deutsche Bank Only Down 21% Pre-Market

The ECB will not allow a crash. That I can assure you. So please ignore the following Tweet.

In support of my comforting viewpoint on what the ECB will or will not allow, I present the following concrete evidence.

Deutsche Bank Weekly Chart

DB 2016-06-23

Please don’t worry about any of that, just focus on the bigger picture.

DB 2016-06-23A


I am not quite sure that is the picture I want to present to support my “don’t worry” case.

I have comforting news somewhere. Oh, here it is. I found it.

Deutsche Bank’s Derivatives Casino

Please consider my April 15 post Investigating Deutsche Bank’s €21 Trillion Derivative Casino in Wake of Admission it Rigged Gold and Silver.

I made a slight error in that article so here is an update.

DB 2016-06-23B


There’s nothing at all to worry about.

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