General John McCain Strikes Again!

In response to the growing tension around the Ukraine, General McCain has apparently been scouring the map of eastern Europe for former Soviet satellites and vassals that have not yet joined NATO. Behold, he found some! The following is from his 11 point plan:

“Work within NATO to take all necessary steps that can prepare for the expansion of the alliance to include countries such as Georgia and Montenegro as soon as possible.”

Just what I was thinking: a military alliance with a tract of land that is home to a complete sample of all the warring peoples of the Balkans including: 278,000 Montenegrins; 178,000 Serbs; 6,000 Croats; 21,000 Muslins; 54,000 Bosniaks; 30,000 Albanians; 5,000 Romani; 900 Macedonians; and 31,000 others who won’t say.

Never mind that its GDP is only $5 billion or 0.0003% of the US. General McCain is thinking deep amidst the fog of war.