GOP Throws In Towel On ObamaCare—Now Pumping Multibillion Insurance Co. Bailouts

Congressional Republicans were elected to repeal Obamacare. They may run this year as the politicians who saved it. Since late last year, GOP leaders have been planning to pump tens of billions of dollars’ worth of new federal spending into the veins of insurance companies that are hemorrhaging red ink on the Obamacare exchanges.

The transfusion is expected to be a concoction of two bills. The first, championed by Sens. Lamar Alexander, R.-Tenn., and Patty Murray, D.-Wash., would appropriate cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers. The second, sponsored by Sens. Susan Collins, R.-Maine, and Bill Nelson, D.-Fla., would give insurers an additional $10 billion (and perhaps more) in federal cash.