He Said That! The Bernank Says US Economy Will Crash In 2020

Bernanke, the same man who once charged a room full of bankers $250,000 for the sage projection that interest rates would never normalize during his lifetime, now believes the US economy, which in May entered the second-longest period of expansion in modern history…… is headed for a “Wile E. Coyote” moment in 2020, just in time for Trump re-election, according to Bloomberg.

Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute, Bernanke echoed Bridgewater’s biggest concern about the sugar high facing the US economy for the next 18 months, saying that the stimulative impact from Trump’s $1+ trillion fiscal stimulus “makes the Fed’s job more difficult all around” because it’s happening at a time of very low unemployment; it also means that the more supercharged the economy gets thanks to the fiscal stimulus, the greater the fall will be when the hangover hits.