Keynesian Central Banking R.I.P—20 Reasons Why It’s All Over Except The Shouting

So having effectively admitted that they can no longer be replied upon to pull the world out of the next recession, with the BOE’s Mark Carney going so far as to admit that central bankers will be responsible for not only the next crisis, but the next war, something we have argued for the past decade, when he said that “past instances of very low rates have tended to coincide with high risk events such as wars, financial crises, and breaks in the monetary regime” – incidentally, the same low rates that for years central bankers said would save the world and now we learn have doomed it instead, below are 20 blunt questions (with a few implied answers in the questions themselves) for Central Bankers, courtesy of DB’s Alan Ruskin, as they prepare to be swept away by the tsunami of history: