Memo To Crazy Cruz—-Get A Grip, Senator!


Okay, enough’s enough. Now I’m getting seriously concerned about Ted Cruz’s mental health. Ever since Trump won New York in a landslide and Cruz came away with zero delegates, he’s been talking as though he were the one who came out on top in the Empire State.

Cruz keeps railing on and on about winning five states in a row, two (Colorado and Wyoming) of which were states where Republican voters were barred from voting! No problem — zero embarrassment.

He brags about his “ground game” and his campaign team’s ability to persuade Republican party hacks … er, I mean, delegates … as though such feats make him supremely qualified to be president of the United States.

Even with Trump poised to win Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania next Tuesday, TC insists, in classic Napoleonic fashion, that everything is falling into place for him.

He makes it clear that he plans to win the Republican nomination the old dirty way — wining and dining unbound delegates and sweet-talking them into voting for him on the second ballot at the convention.

Don’t get me wrong. Even though I have very little faith in ANY politician, I believe that if Cruz were president, he would probably implement a number of policies to increase individual freedom and shrink the size of government. On the upside, he might succeed in carrying out as much as 25 percent of his overall agenda, which would place him far ahead of most past presidents.

But notwithstanding all his positive qualities — e.g., a great debater, a great constitutional lawyer, and a staunch refusal to compromise his core principles — his biggest problem is that he comes across as sleazy and creepy. Maybe it’s not his fault; it could just be a personality disorder he inherited at birth. But, regardless, sleazy and creepy are what come to my mind whenever I listen to him speak, which is something I try to avoid.

In fairness, let’s assume that the ease with which Cruz turns people off is just a birth defect, thus not his fault. But it’s something his advisers should encourage him to work on. I’m not saying he’s on a par with Hillary, who has “DESPICABLE” stamped across her forehead, but he definitely has a personality disorder.

Fortunately for Cruz, however, history has proven that voters will sometimes look past a bad personality (think Richard Nixon), but craziness is something that scares the hell out of them. And the latest example of Crazy Cruz came two days ago in Philadelphia when he told a crowd, “America has always been best when she is lying down with her back on the mat and the crowd has given the final count.” Huh? What was that again?

In all fairness, I guess we can strain to figure out what we think he was trying to say, but the way he said it (with the usual Shakespearean drama added in) reminded me of one of Glenn Beck’s overly dramatic, crazier moments in his fading days of superstardom. Cruz might want to consider rewording his thought to make it sound more intelligible and rational, then redelivering the line.

Though he doesn’t seem to realize it, time is running out on Texas Ted. Sleaziness and creepiness are making his hope for a Cleveland miracle less and less likely, but if he doesn’t get a grip on himself, he may end up not even being able to pass a background check for buying a handgun. What a sad irony that would be for a hardcore, pro-gun advocate like him.

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