Mish’s Take On Trump——More Pluses Than Minuses


Donald Trump had a clear path to the nomination despite everything the Republican leadership said.  All he had to do was close his big mouth.

Apparently that was too hard a mission for a man who got as far as he did by saying stupid things.

It’s the Middle Stupid!

Trump’s comments on abortion, now retracted, caused quite a stir.

I know of several people who would have voted for Trump but will not do so now. This is precisely the kind of attitude shift the anti-Trump brigade wanted.

Previous attacks from the left and right only served to make Trump stronger. It was only when Trump bit off more shoe than the the public could stand did things matter.

All Trump had to do was take a position on abortion to the Right of Hillary, and the Left of Cruz. It should not have taken a genius to figure that out.

Polls continually show the US public does not want abortion outlawed even if they do not want abortion on demand at any time.

The irony is this mess is Cruz is far more against abortion than Trump. The latter seemingly has had every position possible at various times.

Trump has a lot against him: Arrogance, his attitudes towards women, and his policies on free trade.

Free Trade

I am a huge free trade advocate, not a fake one like Hillary, Cruz, or Obama.

I don’t support the Trans-Pacific Partnership because it has everything to do with corporate cronyism and little to do with free trade. At least Trump would have gotten that correct, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Regardless, Trump did strike a chord with those who think China is to blame. In the process, Trump picked up angry white crossovers and non-evangelicals, something any Republican needs to do to win.

Warmonger Analysis

I genuinely fear the military policies of Cruz, Kasich, Rubio, and Clinton.

On that score, Trump did not have all the right answers but at least he had some of them.

The US needs to stop military meddling. A strong bit of isolationism is in order, but I don’t mean building walls. But as far as wasting money goes, I would rather build a wall than drop bombs on Iran.

Trump is also correct about Israel, Russia, and Syria (or at least more correct), than Hillary and the rest of the Republicans.

That’s what really upsets the Republican neocon insiders. They want a more wars and a president they can control. Hillary, Kasich, Rubio, and Cruz all fit the bill nicely, at least from a military standpoint.

One Step Over the Line?

Did Trump finally take one step over the line too far with his ridiculous comments this past week?

While pondering the question, you may wish a musical backdrop.

Damaged Good?

Trump is not a person that Wall Street or the Neocons can control. Despite the rest of his baggage, those are good two reasons to support Trump. Here’s a bonus reason: Trump wants to audit the Fed.

In contrast, Hillary represents war-mongering, Wall Street sleaze at its finest. Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich are also votes for war. If you want war, vote for one of them. Flip a coin, it probably doesn’t matter.

If you are so fed up with the lot of them, a position I easily understand, then consider Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Is Trump now too damaged to win? It’s close, but if he wins New York outright with 50% of the vote he will win all of those delegates and get back on track.

Meanwhile, what Trump needs most is some serious foot-in-mouth control. The things that got Trump to this point are not the things that will carry him over the finish line.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock