More Proof That Its A Civil War: 483 Ukrainian Military Defect

Back in April, thousands of Ukrainian soldiers defected to pro-Russian side.

It’s been a while since we have seen reports like that. Today we have another report: 483 Ukrainian Military Seek Asylum in Russia.

The spokesman for the Border Guard Service of Russia, Vasili Maláyev informed that during the night of Sunday, “about 438 Ukrainian military approached the Russian border guards to seek asylum. According to the decision of the Border Guard Service of Russia , officials opened a humanitarian corridor and allowed into Russia to those who need shelter.”

Ukrainian military belonging to the 72nd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “They said they were tired of war and are no longer willing to fight,” Maláyev reported.

Before leaving Ukraine, they destroyed their weapons and ammunition depots.

In recent weeks such incidents have become increasingly common. In recent days, military Ukrainians marched through the neutral zone of the border between Russia and Ukraine unarmed and with a white flag.

According to Maláyev, the military, both officers and soldiers, also belonged to the 72nd Mechanized Brigade. Ukrainian military explained that they had run out of supplies and ammunition that were available were not suitable for fire systems

That is a rather curious source, and the English on the site was broken. I fixed a couple of spots.

The only other non-blog news media reference I could find was from RIA: Over 400 Ukrainian Military Personnel Request Refugee Status in Russia. Of course, Western mainstream media has no interest in reporting such things.

Here are some additional details from RIA.

“Overnight 438 Ukrainian military personnel turned to Russian border guards with a request for refugee [status],” the head of the FSB’s border control in the southern Russian region of Rostov, Vasily Malaeyev, said.

Border control authorities have opened a humanitarian corridor and have allowed refugees into Russia. Among the 438 personnel, 164 are employees of Ukraine’s State Border Service.

On Sunday, 12 soldiers from the Ukrainian Armed Forces made it into Russia and applied for an asylum at Gukovo checkpoint in Russia’s Rostov Region, saying they had run out of food and ammunition.

Last month, another 40 Ukrainian troops abandoned their military units and asked independence supporters to allow them to come to Russia in order not to fight against their own people.

Ukraine’s 72nd and 79th Brigades Pounded

Only the first link made reference to the 72nd Mechanized Brigade, a claim that seems highly credible.

For my July 26 reference to the entrapment of of the 72nd brigade, please see Who’s Winning the War in Ukraine? Answer May Shock You!

For a video on the demise of part of the 79th brigade, please see Ukraine’s Army Advances; Unguided Rockets Kill Civilians; Demise of Rebels?

Lost Territory

Nonetheless, the rebels have lost half the territory they once held, some in scorched earth policies of the Ukrainian army, with no regard to civilians.

If the rebels lose much more territory, it will be over.

Yet, my sources tell me the rebels are ordering Winter supplies in assumption the war will last quite some time.

Ukrainian Army Stretched to Limit?

For yet another piece of the puzzle, one that possibly indicates the Ukrainian army is stretched a bit too far, please consider Ukrainians Ordered to War, Women Burn the Military Writs

Regardless of who “wins” militarily, the scars will take years, if not far longer to heal, and Ukraine will be beholden to the IMF and other creditors for decades.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock