November 15: Daily Contrarian Reads

‘Trump Thump’ Whacks Bond Market for $1 Trillion Loss

Donald Trump’s stunning victory for the White House may mark the long-awaited end to the more than 30-year-old bull run in bonds, as bets on faster U.S. growth and inflation lead investors to favor stocks over bonds. A two-day thumping wiped out more than $1 trillion across global bond markets worldwide, the worst rout in nearly 1-1/2 years, on bets that plans under a Trump administration would boost business investments and spending while firing up inflation.

Why The 2,826 Day-Olds Bull Market’s Days Are Numbered

Donald Trump inherits a 2,826-day-old rally in U.S. stocks that has defied history, overcoming anemic economic growth and a 15-month earnings recession that pushed valuations to a seven-year high. Squeezing out even a couple more years would be a feat of unprecedented longevity, with August 2018 looming as the month the advance will exceed all that came before Maybe it’ll keep going forever — it’s already 32 months longer than the average advance since the 1930s. But if it doesn’t, a new president’s best hope often is that equity pain hits fast.

Why President Trump Will Fumigate the Fed

Starting in January, President-elect Donald Trump will have a unique opportunity to pack the Federal Reserve with hard money officials.There are currently two open Board of Governors seats, which will most likely not be filled before the end of President Obama’s tenure. Additionally, both Chair Janet Yellen and Vice-Chair Stanley Fischer’s terms will be up by 2018. Crunch the numbers and you will see that Trump has the opportunity to replace a majority of the Board of Governors and a third of the FOMC with monetary policy hawks during his presidency.

Mind The Meltdown—Emerging Market Bonds and Currencies Are Crashing

Jason Daw, a strategist at Societe Generale, said in a note Monday that the emerging-market currency selloff was of “epic proportions.” He added that with “real money” still modestly short the dollar, there was plenty of scope for the emerging-market currency selloff to accelerate.

Dear President Trump: Don’t Let The Neocon Liars Slither Back Into Power

The American people didn’t vote for a globalist – they voted for you. Kick these internationalists to the curb, and to heck with “can’t we all just get along”!…….. The neoconservatives who lied us into war and who are the very globalists you’ve been attacking all along have no place in your administration – and I mean by that John Bolton, Stephen Hadley, Zalmay Khalilzad, Kelly Ayotte (who viciously insulted you), Mike Rogers, Frances Townsend (who called you “fundamentally dishonest”), and any number of others trying to crawl in through the cracks. Some of these people openly denounced you: others advocate policies that are the exact opposite of your “America First” less-interventionist approach. None of them should be given the time of day.

Thankfully, The Clinton’s Are Gone—-But Can Trump Do What Reagan Couldn’t?

If they are not craven before getting into office, once the newly elected officeholders walk into the sty, it is just a matter of time until they slip up and wallow with the pigs. That is what happened to Ronald Reagan after the Gipper was elected in 1980……Reagan was only in office for a few months when he began to feel the slime and grime upon him. He and key members of his team – who were firmly and honestly committed to cutting back the reach of Big Government – found that almost nobody was on their team. Neither Republicans nor Democrats. Liberals nor Conservatives. Red nor Blue….Will Donald J. Trump do what Reagan couldn’t? We doubt it. But every society needs its heroes, its gods, its myths, and its mumbo jumbo.

70 Million Voted For Trump And Sanders—-Repudiation of Failed Wars Abroad And Casino Capitalism At Home

Over 70 million Americans voted for Trump and Bernie Sanders, the man who could have beaten him had the Clintons and their cronies not cheated, says Stockman. Why, because they are voting “for an end to pointless and failed wars and interventions abroad and a bubble-based economic policy at home. The latter showered Wall Street and the bicoastal elites with vast financial windfalls — even as it left 90 per cent of Flyover America behind, where households struggled with stagnant wages, vanishing jobs, soaring health costs, shrinking living standards and diminishing hope for the future.” Spot on. Nothing

14 Obama Regulations That Trump Should Cancel

With control of both chambers, congressional Republicans are also eager to roll back Obama’s regulatory legacy. And they have a number of tools at their disposal….Here’s a look at the top regulations in Trump’s crosshairs:

The Goods News Is The Clinton Looting Operation Lost; The Bad News Is Trump Has No Plan, Either

Not to put too fine a point on it, America coughed up Hillary Clinton like a hairball last week — the catch being it then had to swallow the Cheeto-colored bolus called Donald Trump. It was worth it to see the fog of Hillary-smuggery lift across the cable TV networks since the “I’m With Her / It’s Her Turn” fog was a cover for the looting operation that the permanent Washington DC establishment had turned into, including the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton Inc. Goes Purple—-The Turn-around Plot Behind Hillary’s “Concession” Speech

Hint: Start a new movement with its own unique logo, branding, power structure, messaging, and funding all within your control, and startup takes little more than a flip-of-the-switch because seed funding is more or less already – in the bank. It’s absolutely brilliant from a business perspective. Shed the colors of the “Blue” of the “Dems” and the “Red” of the “Repubs” into the new purple of “Stronger Together!” Hit up disgruntled Bernie Sanders followers with “We’re just as miffed as you! Donate now to the new cause!” “Why wait for another stolen democratic election! Fight now!! Send your donations to: ___________”