September 16 NYC Summit—-Peak Debt And Financial Crisis 2.0

I’ve recently issued a warning about how extremely leveraged the US economy has become (its debt-to-GDP ratio has risen from 1.5x in 1970 to 3.5x today). Here are my thoughts on why that’s so concerning:

And we’re woefully unprepared the new era of higher interest rates we’re hurdling into. We have the exact wrong expertise in place inside our financial markets to deal with the coming crisis.

There’s an entire generation of Wall Streeters who have never seen rates as high as they are today. More than that, there’s virtually no one left in today’s financial industry with actual experience operating within a rising interest rate environment:


I get contacted every day by investors, asking When is this next crisis going to happen? and What should I do in advance to prepare?

So, to do my best to provide actionable answers to those questions — as well as any other burning ones you may have — I’ll be offering a live 6-hour gathering in New York City on Sunday September 16, 2018 from 10am-4pm.

I’ll be joined by my good friends Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart, the co-founders of They’ve recently held several similar events across the country to rave results.

James Howards Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency, will also be there as a co-presenter.

So if you live in traveling distance to New York City and are interested in joining me & my esteemed colleagues for the day, please register for the event by clicking on the link below.

Time is running out, so register now!

Sunday Sep 16, 2018 — 10am-4pm EST