October 18: Daily Contrarian Reads

Leviathan Unmasked: Justin Raimondo’s Full, Fair And Favorable Review Of Trumped!

Those are some pretty astonishing statistics, but it gets worse: when juxtaposed next to the obscene fortunes being made by crony capitalists and the beneficiaries of the Fed-fueled stock market and High Finance, the portrait Stockman draws of 21st century America resembles nothing so much as the France of the Sun King and Marie Antoinette – right before the storming of the Bastille…..Yes, Stockman is critical of Trump, but unlike all too many ostensible libertarians, he doesn’t sneer at the Trump supporters, because he understands the economic and social roots of their pain, he gets Trump’s appeal – and offers a fully libertarian analysis and program for reform…. There have been so many articles and books on Trump and Trumpism that I’ve long since lost count: this is the single best treatment of its subject that I have seen.

Central Bank Assets Jump Fastest in 5 Years to $21 Trillion

The world’s biggest central banks are bulking up their balance sheets this year at the fastest pace since 2011’s European debt crisis to boost lackluster economic recoveries with asset purchases that are supporting stock and bond prices…….The 10 largest lenders now own assets totaling $21.4 trillion, a 10 percent increase from the end of last year, data collected by Bloomberg show.

Euro Project Has Been Corrupted And Is Now A House Of Cards’ Destined To Collapse—-Says  Founding Architect, Otmar Issing 

The European Central Bank is becoming dangerously over-extended and the whole euro project is unworkable in its current form, the founding architect of the monetary union has warned. “One day, the house of cards will collapse,” said Professor Otmar Issing, the ECB’s first chief economist and a towering figure in the construction of the single currency.

The Odor Of Desperation And The Sordid Spectacle Of Election 2015

It must be obvious even to nine-year-old casual observers of the scene that the US national election is hacking itself. It doesn’t require hacking assistance from any other entity. The two major parties could not have found worse candidates for president, and the struggle between them has turned into the most sordid public spectacle in US electoral history…..The main event is that our debt has far exceeded our ability to produce enough new wealth to service the debt, and our attempts to work around it with Federal Reserve accounting fraud only make the problem worse day by day and hour by hour. All of it tends to undermine both national morale and living standards, while it shoves us into the crisis I call the long emergency.

Good News For Gold—–Wall Street Is Turning Bearish

When there is a “chorus” of mainstream banks calling for a gold bull market to be over based on such flimsy arguments, it is almost certain that it isn’t over. Just remember, most mainstream observers only turned bullish on the last gold bull market after it was already a decade old.

Recession And Financial Collapse Are Dead Ahead—-Another Reason to Buy Gold

Pal’s core presumption — one he’s held since 2014 — is bad news for the U. S: He is convinced the country is headed for recession within a year. “The business cycle points to that,” he said, “and 100% of all two-term elections have had a recession within 12 months since 1910…..Should his prediction come true, Pal says, gold prices could double. If central banks want to get active and combat a slowing economy, he says, they will try to stimulate the economy via printing money or more easing, all of which plays “into the hands of gold.”

They Got That Right:  State Department/FBI Quid Pro Quo Is Flashing Red Light Of Criminal Cover-up

Yesterday we noted a potential “quid pro quo” arrangement between the FBI and State Department whereby Patrick Kennedy, a senior executive at the State Department, offered “additional slots for the FBI at missions overseas” in return of “altering the classification” of certain Hillary Clinton emails.  Now, House Speaker Paul Ryan released the following statement saying that efforts of the State Department to pressure the FBI “bears all the signs of a cover-up” which, he says, is exactly why he called on the Director of National Intelligence to deny Hillary access to classified information.

The Hidden Cost Of ZIRP/QE: It’s Crushing The Global Supply Chain And Product Quality

Why has the quality globally sourced products nosedived? The obvious response is corner-cutting to lower costs to maintain profit margins, but this simply poses the next question: what’s changed in the past eight years that’s made corner-cutting essential to maintaining profit margins? The answer may surprise you: central bank stimulus: QE (quantitative easing) and ZIRP (zero interest rate policy.

The FY 2016 Twofer:  Phony Budget Math Caught Red-Handed In Massive Public Debt Increase, But Still No Economic Stimulus

From a fiscal and Keynesian perspective, 2016 should have been a year of accelerating economic activity. There was no crisis in passing the 2016 budget. There was a nonpartisan deal to accelerate military and civilian spending as well as a deal to hike outlays for highways. The increased expenditures and debt were going to occur after two years of slower growth in nominal GDP, which according to its advocates meant that the timing was right.  Nevertheless, the economy sputtered. This once again confirms the existence of a negative government spending multiplier……..A $1.4 trillion jump in federal debt was paired with both weaker economic growth and falling treasury yields.

RIP Conservative America—–The GOP Has Betrayed You

And the Republicans signed on to every jackass war that came along – on poverty, on drugs, on terrorism, and, importantly, on markets. In 1990, George H. W. Bush, who had been Reagan’s vice president and was now president himself, announced a New World Order. How’s that for conservative – remaking the entire world!…….His son took it further. He signed every dopey proposal that crossed his desk, including the biggest single increase to the Welfare State in nearly 40 years: Medicaid Part D, a huge subsidy to the drug industry. And he launched a “War on Terror” that has become a more or less permanent subsidy to the terror industry.