Sorry Democrats, New Docs Pretty Much Collapse Entire Trump/Bondi (Non) ‘Bribery Scandal’

I am now pretty much convinced that it would be impossible to prove any kind of bribery allegation against Donald Trump or Pam Bondi for his foundation’s $25,000 donation to a fund to reelect the Florida Attorney General. And surprisingly, the documents that put to rest this entire ordeal were dug up by The New York Times

As hard as they try to keep the scandal alive, based on this evidence, I think there is no way a prosecutor would be able to prove any kind of public corruption case. As you know, several complaints have been filed with local authorities as well as the FBI’s public corruption unit. Unfortunately for them, this case seems dead on arrival. The allegation goes that Bondi decided not to pursue a case against Trump University because she received a hefty check from Donald Trump, and he also hosted an expensive fundraiser for her at Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach. But let’s break down the law.

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