The 1994 Srebrenica False Flag Massacre—How Liberal R2P Interventionism Got Its War Paint

But it was the construction of the narrative of the Srebrenica “genocide” that was perhaps the crown jewel of CNN’s and the rest of Western MSM reporting from ex-Yugoslavia. Its function was not just to demonize the Serbs, but rather the construction of one of the “founding myths” of post-Cold War Western interventionism, embodied in the “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine, subsequently used to justify worldwide “humanitarian interventions” – spearheaded by the usual suspects, the U.S. and/or NATO – from Kosovo, to IraqLibya, and Syria (hello CNN!). During the two decades long unipolar moment, Srebrenica was manufactured into one of the most important symbols of militant neolibcon globalism and its unchained “tyranny of good intentions.”