The Crony Capitalist Reader: Michael Krieger’s Compendium Of Washington’s Revolving Doors

Nothing is more important to a fully streamlined corrupt crony capitalist economy as the ever-present “revolving door” between regulatory agencies and the industries/companies they regulate. These moves have become so pervasive in American society that it is simply impossible to keep up with them all, but I try my best to cover the most egregious examples whenever possible. As a refresher, I suggest reading the following:

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I recognize that’s a lot of catching up to do, but you get my point. There were many other posts I didn’t even mention in the interest of not overdoing it.

In any event, last evening we were informed of another example. Bruce Karpati, a former top Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer, is moving on to become global chief compliance officer at private equity giant KKR. He left the SEC last May when he was  chief of the Enforcement Division’s Asset Management Unit. Naturally, he went to work for an asset manager, Prudential’s mutual fund unit specifically. Now that he thinks enough time has passed, he is going for the real money.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Bruce Karpati, a former top Securities and Exchange Commission lawyer, is heading to private-equity giant KKR & Co. to become global chief compliance officer, said people familiar with the matter.

Mr. Karpati, most recently the chief compliance officer for Prudential Financial Inc’s mutual fund business, is expected to start at KKR later this month, one of the people said.

Mr. Karpati spent more than a dozen years at the SEC, rising through the ranks to lead the enforcement division’s asset-management unit. He oversaw investigations into a wide variety of investment firms, including a probe that ultimately led to a settlement between hedge-fund manager Philip Falcone and the SEC that banned Mr. Falcone from the securities industry for several years.