The Dangers Of FBI-Manufactured Russophobia—We’ve Been There Before

As Glenn Greenwald notes in his latest piece in The Intercept, the FBI dangerously overstepped its authority by treating the President as a national security threat – and it’s not the first time they’ve punished thought crimes that run counter to the establishment’s worldview. What’s worse, people are supporting the actions of an agency gone rogue – judging the actions of a duly elected US president……Greenwald points to the notable case of J. Edgar Hoover’s lengthy counterintelligence investigation of progressive Henry Wallace during his time in Franklin Roosevelt’s administration, and then as FDR’s Vice President. Wallace’s talk of peace with Russia following WWII caused the FBI to suspect that he was undermining “US interests” for the benefit of Moscow – and as a result, he was placed under extensive surveillance and investigation that remained unknown until 1983.