The Place Of Mises’ “Human Action” In Modern Economic Thought

In fact, the theory of price elaborated in Human Action represents the crowning achievement of the Austrian school of economics. It is the culmination of the approach to price theory originated by Carl Menger in 1871 and developed further by a handful of brilliant economists of the generation intervening between Menger and Mises. These latter included especially Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk, J. B. Clark, Phillip H. Wicksteed, Frank A. Fetter, and Herbert J. Davenport. Unfortunately, for reasons to be explained below, the entire Mengerian approach went into decline after World War I and had lapsed into nearly complete dormancy by the mid-1930s. Mises’s outstanding contribution in Human Action was to single-handedly revive this approach and elaborate it into a coherent and systematic theory of price determination.