The Timing Was Perfect: More Evidence Shows We Hit a Major Top

More evidence is piling in to support that we did make a major top on May 20 for the Dow and S&P 500. In my view this is part of a series of key market tops we’ve seen globally between November 2014 and July 2015.

Finally, our key indicator, the S&P 500 Channel, broke its bottom trend line in late August. That is the best way to know this endless bubble is likely over!

That’s why our third annual conference couldn’t have come at a better time. And it shows – between those in attendance and those who watched from home, we had over 1,000 people tuned in. And hundreds more have reserved the on-demand recordings of the event.

Here’s what some people had to say:

“Great conference. I am confident and prepared for today’s volatile markets.”

“The Summit was great. I enjoyed all the info I picked up to help in future investments and help lower future risk.”

“I enjoyed the variety of speakers. The Summit offered a large breadth and depth of topics. Great to have all that information in one place.”

In my main presentation, I explained a convergence of my key cycles that promises a great deflationary period ahead. I also gave two workshops – one on the Great China Tsunami that will wash over the global economy, and another on the global real estate meltdown for our network members.

Rodney focused more on the political angles of this unique period in his talks – explaining how more small businesses are getting destroyed than created.

He asked: why aren’t more of our politicians in this “silly season” hammering on about that? There’s an excess of regulations making their very existence next to impossible! He also detailed the mounting problem of the student loan crisis – and it won’t just affect students. Charismatic as he is, Rodney was well received as always.

Adam O’Dell explained his unique trading service. I’ll tell you – what I like so much about Adam is that he uses different technical indicators than most traders use. And doing something differently is the only way you can have an edge in today’s more challenging markets.

Then came the shocker. Right in the middle of the conference, Adam got a major broad sell signal for Boom & Bust subscribers. This is in line with my expectations of a major crash in the making.

Adam and I are total opposites, but that’s why we have him. I focus on long-term trends and he focuses on short-term momentum. Our indicators are completely different.

But Adam’s helped me understand shorter term technical indicators to refine my forecasts. So it’s comforting to see his indicators confirm that this is the time to be defensive, as he is the expert in this arena.

The highlight for me was Dr. Lacy Hunt, who we’ve had two times before. He’s the only classical economist out there that I like and listen to. He knows his economic history, down to all the details and theories.

And unlike other economists, he understands how credit and financial-asset bubbles build throughout history and why they always end in deflation.

He startled the audience when he proclaimed that the Fed doesn’t actually create money. Banks do when they lend – and right now, they’re not! All QE’s done was push long-term rates to zero adjusted for inflation, and create greater financial-asset bubbles, especially in stocks.

Also back by popular demand from last year’s Miami IES conference, we had David Stockman appear via live stream (as his schedule wouldn’t allow a live appearance).

Few men are as dynamic, humorous and knowledgeable he is. I have learned a lot about economic, financial and political history from David Stockman and Dr. Lacy Hunt both – and you know how much I study history! To have these two together at this conference was a real treat.

And do you know how hard it is to find a competent speaker with real data from the trenches who warns you about the risks in real estate just ahead?

We finally found one, and Keith Jurow was a big hit with his colorful and very informative slides. Between Stockman, Hunt and Jurow, this had to be the most content-rich conference ever.

Our “wild card” speaker was Loral Langemeier.

I’ve spoken with Loral at several events in the U.S. and internationally. She calls herself “the millionaire maker.” And she isn’t kidding.

The audience only got a glimpse of what I’ve seen her do with people of all ages. She can draw a cash flow business strategy out of almost anyone in 10 to 20 minutes based on hobbies or unique interests they’re already doing. She holds three-day seminars where everyone walks out already making money. It’s crazy!

I have found she is especially good with kids and younger people. So I suggested that the audience get their kids or grandkids to check out Loral’s book and seminars.

What I liked most about what Loral said was that it’s all about focusing on your strengths and finding the right people to build a team. It made me appreciate the team we have built at Dent Research.

My first partner in business development was Harry Cornelius in 1995, and he’s still my partner today.

Next was Rodney Johnson in 1996 – I recognized how smart and systematic he was (you can probably surmise that I am not so systematic) and stole him from a new venture I had invested in.

Then came Shannon Sands and Erika Nolan as marketing partners through the Sovereign Society in 2013.

I have never been good at marketing. I might be the worst marketer in the world! I just give people the stats and think everyone should be on board. But they’ve allowed us to greatly expand our audience and bring down the costs of our newsletters and services. That has always been my vision, but it would not have happened without them.

Together they found Adam O’Dell who launched our first trading service – and what a track record! This conference and every conference, people come up to me and say his is one of the few trading services that they actually make money on.

Since his, we’ve launched an array of services to meet different subscribers’ investment strategies and risk tolerance.

We have Charles Sizemore focusing on asset allocations for passive 401(k) and retirement accounts, and Lance Gaitan focusing on bond strategies. Both have worked with Dent Research for many years.

We added Ben Benoy as recently as last year. Ben’s focus is the hot biotech sector. He uses a unique “crowdsourcing” approach to identify the best long and short opportunities in the field.

And finally, we added John Del Vecchio, a very experienced and accomplished short seller. He showed the audience some techniques for discovering the hidden time bombs in companies’ financial statements.

At the conference, we also invited a limited number of excellent outside investment and banking services. They range from EverBank (a global Internet bank) to AdvisorShares (ETFs like HDGE to short stocks) to RMB Group (offering a commodity trading system) to Royale Energy (an independent natural gas exploration and production company in California).

These investment companies have worked with us for years and proven to be effective for our subscribers. We only admit a select few to speak at our IES conferences.

And this year we brought a few others. Andrew Baxter from Australia (who I have spoken with many times there) introduced a simple covered call strategy for consistently making money short-term, in up or down markets.

We also brought in Erika Nolan, who through the 1291 Group advised our attendees on global-insured income solutions through life-insurance based products.

The feedback I got was music to my ears. People are getting serious about making major changes in their investment and business strategies – especially real estate. Which like I’ve said, I can’t seem to convince people out of!

If you missed this conference, make sure you reserve the on-demand recordings – we opened access back up just through tonight for those of you who didn’t get it. And make sure you make it to the next one in West Palm Beach, FL at the PGA National – October 20 to 22, 2016.

See you then!


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