The UniParty’s Day of Infamy, Part 1

The clusterf*ck in the US House of Representatives this weekend is surely the final straw. The dreadful grip of the UniParty on national security policy has finally produced sheer madness in a single package. To wit:

  • $95 billion of foreign aid boondoggles that do not benefit America's homeland security in the slightest.
  • An extension of section 702 of FISA that wantonly expands an already egregious affront to the Fourth Amendment.
  • The wanton transfer of billions of sovereign assets stolen from Russia to its enemies in Kiev.
  • A national security ban on 15-second TikTok videos about dances, pranks, pets and poppycock viewed overwhelmingly by under 30-year-old Americans whose viewing habits are of zero value to the Chicoms in Beijing.

Statistic: Most popular content categories on TikTok worldwide as of July 2020, by number of hashtag views (in billions) | Statista

It is bad enough that there is not an iota of informed consideration behind any of this, but what is really alarming is that every single House Democrat (212) voted in favor of $61 billion for the Ukrainian Demolition Derby, while only fourteen Republicans voted against all four components of this wholesale assault on constitutional liberty and fiscal rectitude.

In this context it was the predictable histrionics of the bevy of neocon warmongers on the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal that brought home the full extent of the challenge. Namely, that the mainstream narrative in the Imperial City and among the nation's elite media is so utterly wrong-headed and morally obtuse that only the complete abandonment of the core framework of contemporary national security policy can save the day.

Accordingly, the "domino" theory needs be repudiated once and for all. Likewise, the Washington-Jefferson doctrine of "no entangling alliances" needs be revived in place of the vestigial cold war notion that informs Washington's current destructive and bankrupting policies. That is to say, the obsolete notion that America's homeland security depends upon a worldwide system of alliances, bases and military power projection capabilities that enable Washington to function as the great Global Hegemon, who is ready, willing and able to intervene in virtually any spate that erupts among the 8 billion peoples of the planet.

The fourteen stalwarts listed below essentially said, no dice to these tired, dangerous, costly and risible formulations: Neither Russia nor China pose even a remote military threat to the American homeland, while proxy wars and economic sanctions against "adversaries" demonized by the Deep State actually undermine domestic liberty and prosperity for no justifiable reason of homeland security at all.

With respect to the latter, for instance, there is no real reason for the sweeping multi-hundred billion cost to the American economy of sanctions and trade restrictions on China, Iran or Russia. And, similarly, there are no security threats in the world today that even remotely justify the national security state's intrusion into the rights and privacies of American citizens.

Still, the crypto intellectuals at the WSJ trotted out Hitler, Tojo and the "isolationist" epithet as if these references prove anything at all, when, in fact, none have any real relevance to the world of today. There are simply no industrial state tyrants on the march anywhere on the global horizon that resemble even the apparent facts of the 1930s, let alone the actual historical realities of the matter.
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