Ukraine’s Civil War Re-Erupts, Donetsk Airport Falls To Rebels, Kiev Escalates War On East

We regret having to interrupt feel-good weekend articles with more sobering news. In Ukraine, major battles have broken out over the past couple weeks. Mainstream media has widely ignored the story because of Greece, then Charlie, and then the Swiss Franc. And of course Western media has no interest in reporting news the rebels are winning.

But ignoring the story does not make it go away. On November 9, 2014, I posted Ukraine Split in Two; Expect Major Rebel Advance. That advance came later than I expected. But it is here in full force. Max Keiser provided this accurate headline two days ago: Ukraine Lurches to Full Scale War as Russia Drastically Reduces Gas Supply to EU.

Reader Jacob Dreizin, a US citizen who speaks Russian and reads Ukrainian sent a few emails and videos recently worth posting. From Jacob

… Hello Mish Here’s a video that shows a military “cemetery” in Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. Note especially seconds 33 through 51. There are literally hundreds of empty holes in the ground here, waiting for bodies. I read in another source that they were dug very recently, probably right before this video was posted on January 8th. Looks like Kiev had been planning an offensive, presumably the one that was just broken up by the rebels in the last few days. I guess it’s cheaper to have the graves dug all at once than to keep calling the backhoe crew over and over. Link if video does not play: Mass Graves in Ukraine. Jacob writes

… The last few weeks have seen a significant escalation of fighting, which really boiled over in the last 5-6 days. I can’t say for sure who “started” it, but it’s clear from those hundreds of holes in the ground that the Ukrainians anticipated something.

He also informs me that “The battle for the Donetsk airport is over. The rebels expelled Ukraine’s most elite units from their last redoubts in the new terminal building.” More reports coming up, none of them pretty for Kiev. Mainstream media … silence. But some things are impossible to hide. Here’s one of them.